At the End of the World or Wild Africa



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I've read the stories of Wawrzyniec Siedlecki with great sentiment and serenity. Having in mind my own family experiences and being a child, and later a teenager, raised by parents with a creative approach to the family life, I realized that some of us have been given this surprising, sometimes dangerous, but above all the most authentic experience of the early years, that our relatives have arranged for us. If I could choose I would live it all over again. And who knows, maybe I would live it with even more intensity Adam Nowak frontman of the Raz Dwa Trzy band ***** Probably every one of us has once experienced a border, after which we lose our childish naivety and soon after begin longing for the simplicity of the world that we leave behind. In this book we will cross this border once again, walking through lightness, irony and humour, while contemplating both small and great things. Rafał Skwiot blogger
16.44 zł (-3.46 zł)
kup teraz

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